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Programming Stuff

Article: My Experiences with Julia

I describe my experiences using the Julia programming language and highlight its problems of bad performance and bad documentation. I find Julia code to be harder to write than most other languages.

Article: Fixing a bug in NewsFlash and shaving a yak.

A boring story on how I wanted to fix a bug in NewsFlash and ended up shaving a yak.

Article: An Idea why "Business Software" is often lower-quality Code than OSS.

A showerthought about how differences in test surface might lead to OSS having higher quality code than close source.

Article: Failing Early for Nicer Error Messages

I explain how failing early produces nicer error messages - A general principle in software engineering. Dynamic typing and C++ templates are used as negative examples, while static typing and Rust generics are used as positive examples. Every experienced programmer probably already knows this, but I still wrote this article, because I wish I knew this earlier.

Article: Rant: Don't use "301 Moved Permanently" where "404 Not Found" or "410 Gone" should be used

Some webservers respond with a 301 redirection to the main page if an url cannot be found. Do not fucking do that.

Article: Rant: Email is straight from hell

A short but not-so-fun email debugging session.

My opinions about German politics (written in German)

Artikel: Bzgl. des Framing-Manuals der ARD

Ich habe das Framing Manual der ARD gelesen und beschreibe meine Gedanken.

Organizational Stuff